Planned Activities During The Academic Year

We carry out various activities throughout the year to enhance motor skills, social skills, language and cognitive skills of the kids. Activities are planned to make the kid understand the real life skills for instance importance of hygiene – why to take a bath, why to wash hands before having meal, why prayers are important etc. Days are also celebrated for children to understand the importance of different colours in our life.

Finger painting, palm painting, thumb painting, vegetables dabbing, bud painting are few activities carried out during the colour day celebration. Parents too are asked engage in craft activities with the children to emphasis on colours. This also helps in emotional and creative development of the kid.

Motor Skills

Motor skills can basically be categorised in to two i.e. fine motor skills and gross motor skills. We believe play way method is the best way to enhance these skills. Accordingly, jumping with two feet, playing on slide, running, crawling in tunnel, throwing a ball in the direction of a target are the few activities carried out under the supervision to enhance the gross motor skills where the movement and coordination of arms, legs and other larger body parts are involved.

Fine motor skills on the other hand involve smaller movements that occur in the wrist, hands and fingers. To enhance the fine motor skills stacking the blocks, lacing the beads and many such activities are carried out. We provide ample opportunities for the motor development of kids.

Language and cognitive skills

During the early years, kids learn many more things from what they listen. Language is one of them. Accordingly, activities have been planned to enhance their listening capacities at daffodils. For instance, story narration, puppet shows, conversation with their peers and teachers are the activities that enhance the language skills of children. Moreover, we provide a platform to the kids they can think creatively and respond like the pretend and play game.

Other activities like memorizing a task, puzzles, sorting and classifying and sequencing are given to kids to develop their cognitive skills. In nutshell we provide hands on experience that not only develops an interest in them but also stimulates their creative instincts.

Social skills

We believe that the social skills major role in shaping the personality of a person. Social skills not only improve the confidence in a child but also help to have better peer relations.

Kids with better social skills perform better in a team and go on to develop excellent interpersonal relations when they grow up. Sharing is an important activity that teaches a kid to become selfless and generous. Kids are encouraged to share teaching aids and toys with each other.

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