Junior and Senior KG

These kids are more aware and confident as they have already spent two years of training and learning. Our learning programme focuses on teaching the basics of numeracy, literacy, art, EVS and languages to students. We also thrive to promote students’ social, emotional, intellectual and physical development to prepare them for primary education.

Daffodils Preschool, also emphasises on improving students’ vocabulary by listening to comprehend and responding to the oral communication. They learn to speak in simple, short sentences as it is included in the syllabus. In addition, we introduce simple phonetics too, which helps in reading, forming words etc.

In mathematics different techniques are used which make students understand the difference between big and small numbers, counting, identification of shapes and formation of tables. They learn to compare, describe and sort objects. As the academic year progresses, they are prepared to face the new challenges.

Progress in EVS is made through hands on experience. How seasons are formed? Where do we get water from? Other topics covered under this head are different kinds of texture, taste and feel through experiment. They learn to observe different kinds of plants, their development from seed to a plant/tree, animals and other living things that inhabit this mother earth.


10 - 12 Students

1 Batch

Student & Teacher relationship ratio - 10:01

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