Play Group

Playgroups provide an opportunity to a child to become familiar with a school environment, engage in a range of activities that will help develop skills that the child will need throughout school life.

At Daffodils, the playgroup curriculum is designed with utmost care, keeping in mind that this is the first time that a child is away from the parents or caregivers.

The teachers at Daffodils are specially trained to encourage children to develop a sense of comfort and confidence as they settle into school routines.

Engaging activities in the classroom and outdoors add value and interest each day with a wide range of especially chosen manipulates and other learning materials.

The main objectives and goals set by the Daffodils Preschool for educating pupils in the first academic year of their lives are as follows:

  • Sharing: Here we emphasise on learning to share. We try our best to inculcate the habit of sharing.
  • Learning to take turns, it may be at playing games, oral studies, recitation etc.
  • Accepting NO for an answer. This is a tricky situation for a teacher. Children try to throw tantrums and teachers have to be firm, handle using calming strategies to overcome the issue of contention.
  • Train children to learn to sit at one place, listening and following directions, rules etc.
  • Understanding their needs and being flexible

At this stage they learn to mingle, make friends and shed their fear of socializing in general. Along with this we are focused at taking oral studies too.


10 - 12 Students

2 Batches

Student & Teacher relationship ratio - 10:01

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